Special Prices For Southeast Asian Countries

Special Prices For Southeast Asian Countries

Special prices for Southeast Asian countries--SDI Logistics Co., Ltd

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Laem Chabang  UD30/50/50
Latakaban   USD100/150/150
Bangkok  SCT   USD100/150/150
Ho Chi Minh   USD60/100/100
Haiphong   USD95/ 165/165
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TSL this Thursday

Haiphong USD25/40 no need THC+RMB450+RMB30+RMB30+LSS USD40/80

Bangkok PAT:USD140/260+RMB630/960+RMB450+RMB30+RMB30+LSS USD70/140

Laem Chabang:USD40/80+RMB630/960+RMB450+RMB30+RMB30+LSS USD70/140

Ho Chi Minh:USD90/150+RMB630/960+RMB450+RMB30+RMB30+LSS USD40/80 Port of destination can apply 21days free

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