Sea Shipping For Class 2.2 DG Cargo

Sea Shipping For Class 2.2 DG Cargo

Sea shipping for Dangerous goods from China -- SDI LOGISTICS CO.,LTD.

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Sea shipping for DG-cargo

UN number: 1013. 

UN proper shipping name: Carbon dioxide. 

Transport hazard class(es): 2.2. 

Packaging group: / 

Environmental hazards: / 

Special precautions for user: /


Reactivity: / 

Chemical stability: Product is considered stable. 

Possibility of hazardous reactions: Hazardous polymerization will not occur. 

Conditions to avoid: Presence of incompatible materials. 

Incompatible materials: / 

Hazardous decomposition products: /


Our company can handle the shipment of dangerous goods of Class 2 to Class 9.

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