Sea Freight Of Some Ports In Guangdong

Sea Freight Of Some Ports In Guangdong

Sea freight of some ports in Guangdong--SDI Logistics Co.,Ltd

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SHENZHEN/NANSHA--MOMBASA  1300/2300+ TDSV+LSS+EFF usd 157/314  12.21-12.31

SHENZHEN/NANSHA--DAR ES  1450/2550+ TDSV+LSS+EFF usd 157/314  12.21-12.31

SHENZHEN/NANSHA--BERBERA 2035/3445 + TDSV+LSS+EFF  usd 126/251  12.21-12.31

SHENZHEN/NANSHA--MOGADISHU 1710/2920+ TDSV+LSS+EFF usd 126/251  12.21-12.31

SHENZHEN/NANSHA--TANGA 2100/3850+ TDSV+LSS+EFF usd 157/314   12.21-12.31

SHENZHEN/NANSHA--ZANZIBAR  2900/5350 +TDSV+LSS+EFF usd 157/314  12.21-12.31

 Cheapeat Sea Freight

HONGKONG --KARACHI K WHL    1050/1150+TDIS+WBS usd 130/260    12.15-12.21

SHENZHEN--KARACHI K WHL    1150/1350+TDISE+WBS usd163/326   12.21-12.27

NANSHA –- MUNDRA  USD 850/1300+TDSI+LSS+VGM   12.15-12.21

SHENZHEN --ADEN usd2545/4630+TDCSE+ACR usd235/310  12.17-12.20

SHENZHEN --JEDDAH usd1559/2818+TDISE  12.24-12.27

SHENZHEN --CAT LAI  USD270/360+TDSE   12.9-12.21

SHENZHEN-- MUMBAI  usd920/940+TDISE+LSS usd165/330+PCS usd150/300 12.22-12.28

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