Sea Freight FBA Cargo To Amazon Warehouse

Sea Freight FBA Cargo To Amazon Warehouse

We can provide value-added services to help global business project using the Amazon FBA service of goods from the seller, China transportation to the Amazon warehouse service.

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With the help of Amazon's FBA service project shop seller, 
British FBA, German FBA, American FBA, Canada FBA, Japan FBA, 
France FBA cargo by air, sea and express delivery to the designated
Amazon warehouse. 

Amazon FBA first delivery can provide services:

1)transport services

To Japan FBA, the UK FBA, the USA FBA, Germany FBA

Amazon warehouse logistics distribution and customs clearance services. 

2)Value-added service 

1. Print Amazon tags: print corresponding labels for each product according to Amazon FBA barcode requirements 

2.Algebra label: according to Amazon FBA storage requirements. Each product is affixed with the corresponding bar code

3. Separate boxes: according to Amazon FBA storage products type and quantity requirements, sorting according to box packing

4. Provide foreign short-term warehousing. 

5. Provide label, distribution of goods. Tray service

3)return service 

We can provide, the USA,UK, Japan, Germany companies, to assist in handling Amazon warehouse return; 

Assist the customer to reprocess the shipment and reissue the goods into the warehouse or other processing;

At the same time to provide foreign return to Hong Kong transport services;

Assist the customer to reprocess the shipment and reissue the goods into the warehouse;

According to the actual situation arising from the relevant operational requirements, additional costs.

Why do you choose me ?
      1)Specialization: we are familiar with Amazon FBA shipping requirements, 
      know how to deal with the problems in the process of transportation,
      and reasonably avoid the corresponding risks, and can provide assistance to foreign 
      customs clearance. The goods were delivered smoothly to the Amazon warehouse.

      2)High efficiency :We received the order data, advance booking arrangements
     for accommodation, arrange shipment and timely warehousing, customs clearance
     and booking abroad ahead of time of delivery, the whole chain, with fast in 
     the Amazon warehouse.

      3)Low cost :We are the first class agent of the shipping company, the price is cheap,

the cabin space guarantees, the intensive reduces the transportation cost, 

the logistics cost reduces makes the customer's product more competitive in the market.


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