SDI International Air Shipping Sevice

SDI International Air Shipping Sevice

International air shipping service Tracking the flow of customized projects, optimize operation links, and provide comprehensive air freight services

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We have:

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           Warehousing and distribution                                                            Cargo assembly

Professional warehousing management,                             All-weather electronic monitoring,

process operation strictly ensure the                                   reasonable loading, and prevent cargo 

distribution and efficiency.                                                   damage.



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            Door to door service                                                              Multi-channel flexible routes        

Providing One-station   service, bringing you a              Matching shipowners, port areas and routes  

convenient experience without leaving home.                 according to product characteristics  to ensure

                                                                                          a safe and timely shipment of goods.

Strengths :

  • Systematic professional services

  • Guided by customer needs to make a safe and efficient shipping solutions.Full range of service processes to ensure safe shipment of goods.

  • Reasonable price system

  • With a reasonable and fair quotation mechanism, the overall plan is feasible and avoids the trap of false high quotation.

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