Low Sea Freight To Durban China Ocean Freight To South Africa

Low Sea Freight To Durban China Ocean Freight To South Africa

1. Sea freight (FCL and LCL) 2. Air freight (including express delivery) 3. Road and rail freight 4. Inland Transportation 5. Door to Door service 6. Custom clearance & consultation 7. Cargo Insurance 8. Collecting and delivering goods from suppliers

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The freight from China to Durban is: USD800/1500

SDI.LOGISTICS.CO.LIMITED, is a leading International Freight Forwarder based in ShenZhen ,China with agents covered

all over the world. Moreover, we have been in this line for more than ten years. We welcome your inqueries to or from

China and assure you that we will offer you our best & most competitive /preference Buy Air& Ocean Freight Rates with

availability of Space& Timely Deliveries to their respective destinations.

We are looking forward to hear from you with queries

in order for us to offer you our Best air&ocean freight rates.

For you and your business partners we can provide variety of services:

1. Sea freight (FCL and LCL)

2. Air freight (including express delivery)

3. Road and rail freight

4. Inland Transportation

5. Door to Door service

6. Custom clearance & consultation

7. Cargo Insurance

8. Collecting and delivering goods from suppliers

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