Chinese Bietc Certificate Agent ,one Stop Service For GAPON

Chinese Bietc Certificate Agent ,one Stop Service For GAPON

One-stop service for the transportation of Gabon products,Bietc of product certification, Bietc for Gabon clearance partners

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BIETC -One-stop service for the transportation of Gabon products, product certification, Gabon clearance partners,

BIETC-Un guichet unique pour le transport des produits gabonais, la certification des produits, les partenaires de dédouanement du Gabon,

How to use BIETC CERTIFICATE:*The latest notice in March 2017: It is forbidden to import vehicles over three years old. Please pay attention to it, otherwise you will not be able to enter the customs.
*** Gabon BIETC new application If there is no bill of lading herb, you need to indicate the size and quantity of the book, the date of the ship, the new application forbidden for more than 15 days. After the number is placed, please take the sample of the bill of lading with the date of the unshipped ship with the shipping company. After the herb is removed, the ship name voyage, other than the date of the ship, cannot be modified.
***caveat! Very important! New and old customers must see! ! Failure to comply will result in a fine!
        1. Herbs must be shipped before shipment. The original must be delivered within 15 natural days after the ship is opened. Applications that exceed the deadline have exceeded our authority and need to submit the application to CGC. Their people are not as efficient as we are. I suggest that everyone arrange the time, do not come to the mail and say hurried! Thank you for your cooperation.
(Recommended application process: At the same time as booking the shipping company, apply for BIETC → payment, get BIETC number → when the shipping company leaves BL DRAFT, fill in BIETC and release the original bill of lading after the ship is opened. The data is modified and modified, no Then the original)
         2. Because of the increase in terrorist attacks, if there are dangerous goods in containers and bulk cargo, you must fill in the IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code) number and Class (level) to get the original. The details of the dangerous goods will be on the bill of lading of the shipping company. No need to fill in. (Can ask me to take the bill of lading sample reference)
***Reminder: When you are in the state of the herb, you must check that everything is correct.

  • South Africa

  • Namibia

  • Kenya

  • Zimbabwe

  • Malawi

  • Tanzania

  • Botswana

  • Mozambique

  • Angola


We can provide the following services:

1.)   Sea freight----FCL and LCL

2.)   Air freight

3.)   Consolidation

4.)   Customs Declaration and Documentation 

5.)   Warehousing

6.)   Professional door-to-door, cy to door, cy to cy logistics

7.)   Shipping Consultation

8.)   Insurance 

9.)   Commodity Quality Inspection




If you import from China firstly, please refer the procedure of our operation(For Sea Freight):

1.)    Make the tailored solution for your shipment

2.)    Contact your supplier to pick up your cargoes from your supplier

3.)    Book the space and arrange the ship

4.)    Provide you with the copy of bill to confirm the cargo Leave POL safely.

5.)    Issues the invoice for you to arrange the payment

6.)    Send you the ariginal bill or telex release.


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