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International railway service
       From China, China's neighboring countries include Mongolia, Russia, Vietnam and Central Asia (Kazakh, Uzbek, Turkmen, Tajik, Kyrgyzstan), as well as transportation from the above countries to the opposite direction of the Chinese mainland.

National Railway Transportation Business Operation Process
The shipper informs the agent of the need to arrange the whole vehicle or container transport, the sending station and the country to which it arrives, the name and quantity of the goods, the estimated time of shipment, the name of the customer, the telephone number, the contact person, etc.

2. Transportation documents
The shipper and the agent confirm the quotation and confirm the agency relationship, and the shipper is required to provide the relevant entrusted materials and customs declaration materials to our company in writing.

3. Customs declaration
The shipper will send the above documents to the designated company of the agent, and the agent will arrange the customs declaration for them, that is, customs declaration in Manzhouli, Erlianhaote, Alashankou, Pingxiang and other places.

4. Departure
According to the transportation plan arrangement notice, when the shipper delivers the goods, the goods declared in the local customs declaration must be accompanied by the documents such as customs declaration, contract, container list, invoice and seal to the port. At the port declaration, the contract, box list, invoice, customs declaration, commodity inspection certificate and other documents should be delivered to the port agency company of the agency company. After the goods are shipped, the third waybill will be handed over to the consignor.

5. Port handover
After the goods arrive at the port, they need to go through the customs clearance and reloading procedures. After the goods are transferred to the foreign car for delivery, the freight company will inform the shipper of the replacement time of the goods at the port and the number of the car replaced by the foreign party.

6. For units that do not have import and export management rights, our company can handle import and export procedures on behalf of the company, please consult our company for details.

International railway transportation business matters needing attention
1. Check the condition of the box: Please check carefully whether the container is suitable for loading, whether it is contaminated, damaged or leaking. If you have such problems, you can refuse the loading and immediately notify us to replace or repair the container.

2. Can not be overloaded: the limit of cargo required by international rail transport is 21.5 tons / 20'; 26.5 tons / 40'; the weight limit of the wagon is more, please consult TMT separately.

3. It can not be eccentric: the eccentric load affects the railway loading operation and seriously affects the driving safety. It is required that the center of gravity of the cargo must be centered, and the deviation from the center of the cross line at the bottom of the box should not exceed 10 cm, and the load should be balanced.

4. The goods are well reinforced: the poor reinforcement of the goods in the box will cause the goods to move and even the vehicle to tip over when the vehicle turns, and seriously affect the safety of the goods.

5. It is best to give the loaded goods according to the box number and the hoe, and accurately reflect it on the packing list to facilitate the tally and customs inspection.

6. After the loading is completed, please supervise the driver to seal and sign the transfer number and box number.

7. The cargo information filled in the power of attorney must be consistent with the actual shipping information and the waybill information, especially the name, weight and volume; otherwise, the freight will be inconsistent or even fine.

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