Sea Freight From China To West Africa Ports

Sea Freight From China To West Africa Ports

Sea Freight From China to West Africa Ports --SDI Logistics Co., Ltd

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West Africa

TAKORADI USD1939/2878   49days  12.1-12.15

LOME  USD1533/2407  39days   12.1-12.14

TINCAN/LAGOS  USD1990/2330  36days  12.1-12.15

APAPA/LAGOS  USD1990/2330  34days  12.1-12.15

ONNE/HARCOURT  USD2733/3907  40days  12.1-12.14

COTONOU  USD1534/2418  41days  12.1-12.14

ABIDJAN  USD1090/1630  45days  12.1-12.15

SAN PEDRO  USD1946/2892  48days  12.1-12.15

DAKAR  USD1900/2800  45days  12.1-12.14

LOBITO USD1949/3534  47days  12.2-12.15

China-Suppliers-Freight-Forwarding-Containers-20-Foot (2)

LUANDA USD1090/1430  42days  12.1-12.15

NAMIBE  USD1949/3534  56days  12.2-12.15

CABINDA USD2899/4634  55days  12.2-12.15

DOUALA  USD1649/2684  48days  12.2-12.15

KRIBI   USD1424/2234  40days  12.2-12.15

LIBREVILLE  USD1599/2584  52days  12.2-12.15

PORT GENTIL USD2099/3434  45days  12.2-12.15

POINTE NOIRE USD1485/2370  35days 12.1-12.15

BOMA   USD1969/3124   46days 12.2-12.15

MATADI USD1835/3270  39days  12.1-12.15

BISSAU USD2850/5101  54days  12.2-12.15

CONAKRY USD2033/3657 47days  12.1-12.14

Ocean shipping

MALABO  USD1999/2784 48days  12.2-12.15

BATA    USD1999/2784 45days  12.2-12.15

BANJUL  USD2324/3984 45days  12.2-12.15

FREETOWN USD2183/3957  47days 12.1-12.14

MONROVIA USD2283/4057  47days 12.1-12.14

NOUAKCHOTT  USD1800/3275 48days 12.1-12.14

NOUADHIBOU  USD1800/3275 48days 12.1-12.14

PRAIA       USD2350/4101 44days 12.2-12.15

MINDELO     USD2350/4101 41days 12.2-12.15

SAO TOME  USD5724/10834  67days 12.2-12.15

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