Ocean/Sea Freight From Shenzhen To Djibouti/berbera

Ocean/Sea Freight From Shenzhen To Djibouti/berbera

West Africa:apapa/ticnan/tema/ Onne/douala/Luanda. durban/capetown: USD375/650 mom/dar: USD875/1425 Mozambique:USD1250/1900 karachi: USD250/250 n.sheva: USD125/125 Middle East: JEBEL ALI: USD325/350 ABBAS: USD850/1450 JEDDAH/SOKHNA/AQABA/sudan/berbera/djibouti

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Freight forwarding (export) operation process: 


First, inquiry, quotation:


1. Freight forwarding inquiry to the shipping company

2. Freight forwarding to the owner of the offer

3. The owner of the ship is entrusted to the freight forwarding



Second, receiving the consignment of the owner

1. Receive the entrustment of the owner and sign the entrustment contract

2. Confirm the contents of the commission: SHIPPER, CONSIGNEE, NOTIFY PARTY POL, POD, DESTATION, box size, cargo description, etc.


Third, charter booking

1. Develop a power of attorney (to the shipping company)

2. The shipping company issues the number to the freight forwarder, and the freight forwarder informs the owner of the loading time.


Fourth, send cars and customs declaration, inspection and other links. 1. Arrange the vehicle to be packed and transport it to the station, and confirm the bill of lading

2. Organize customs declaration and inspection documents to declare to customs


Fifth. Shipment on board, cost confirmation

1. After the ship is opened, confirm the fee with the shipping company and issue the bill of lading

2. Payment of the redemption order, at the same time notify the owner of the bill of lading issue

3. Check with the owner and confirm the fee, issue an invoice, and pay back the order.


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