UL Certification May Become Compulsory Sales Certification, Amazon Strictly Investigates 3C Sellers

- Sep 25, 2020-


Amazon is scrutinizing the UL certification, and a large wave of charger sellers may be recruited. "Recently, news about cross-border e-commerce platforms rigorously checking electronic product certification has spread like wildfire among sellers.

  Some sellers stated that they have received email notifications about the lack of certification of electronic products. Failure to provide UL certification in detail will result in listing risk being removed.

  According to several freight forwarders, they also issued an urgent notice stating: “Be sure to check the goods as soon as possible to see if the goods carry the UL mark, and remove as much as possible to avoid worries.”


   (Screenshot of forwarder notification)

   Storm on the eve of the peak season! UL certification may become compulsory sales certification, 3C sellers are deeply affected

As a matter of fact, as early as last year, Amazon's US station carried out a "storm-like" removal of products such as car chargers, batteries, and chargers. The reason for these sellers was that they failed to provide safety certification within the specified time. (UL certification).

  According to the seller, for example, car chargers need UL2089 certification, chargers need to provide UL60950-1 certification, and mobile phone batteries need to provide UL2054/UL1642 certification.

   "Although Amazon has always imposed strict requirements on electronic products, such a'hard core' processing method and no prior communication with the sellers will inevitably cause a lot of dissatisfaction." The seller said.

   Guo Zhangjun, general manager of Shenzhen Weicheng International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., said: "In fact, such intellectual property rights, including UL ETL Bluetooth certification, have always been protected, and the customs of various countries have imposed strict supervision."

It is understood that a few days ago, according to the application of the right holder of the "UL" trademark, Huanggang Customs, affiliated to Shenzhen Customs, detained 100 lithium battery packs seized from the freight export channel at Huanggang Port. These lithium battery packs were suspected of infringing the "UL" trademark. , The case value is RMB 1.53 million.

However, Wu Wenqing, senior manager of the cross-border e-commerce department of Nazhuang, believes that: "UL certification is different from Bluetooth certification. Previously, UL was used as non-compulsory certification. If this incident is true, it means that UL certification will become After compulsory sales certification, this will cause goods that are already in overseas warehouses or FBA to be required to stop selling, which will have a huge impact on sellers of electronic products."

  Ensuring the safety of electronic products is an issue that every seller must pay close attention to. Especially in the North American market, the testing standards for products, the technical standards for products entering the country, and the import regulations are particularly strict. There are careful netizens to interpret the four UL standards (UL1642, UL2054, UL2056, and UL2089) that have received much attention:

   UL1642 and UL2054: UL1642 has been introduced for more than 30 years. It is an earlier safety standard for batteries, and it is also a battery safety standard widely used now. UL 1642 emphasizes on the determination of products through tests, and tests through possible hazards (including overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, extrusion, temperature change, etc.).

  FUS (Follow-up Inspection Service) involves follow-up testing of products. UL conducts random inspections of factory products four times a year to ensure that the quality of the products produced is consistent with the products sent for inspection, thereby reducing risks. However, UL2054 emphasizes the evaluation of battery protection design when the battery cell has been certified to prevent the battery from overcharging and overdischarging.

UL2056: UL2056 is a special test for power banks based on UL2054. The requirements cover mobile power terminal products, also known as portable USB chargers or portable backup battery power supplies. After the product passes all UL2054 tests, the input current is increased. Test, overload test, capacity virtual standard test. UL2056 requires consideration of a single part failure to ensure that the power bank will not cause explosion or fire hazards after a single part fails, and to ensure the safety of consumers.

UL2089: Nowadays, mobile phones are used more and more frequently, and chargers are widely used in transportation to provide consumers with the convenience of charging. The car charger in the car has a close relationship with us. If the quality of the car charger is not good, it may be Leading to serious consequences, so the UL2089 standard focuses on preventing car charging and burning, and ensuring the safety of consumers using car chargers.

   The pain points of the 3C category that have been robbed by Chinese sellers frequently appear. What should I do in the peak season?

   This UL certification storm makes people want to deconstruct the 3C category market. In the past, the news that Amazon’s Bluetooth headsets, car ambient lights, and Apple’s alternative batteries were banned from the shelves have long been known. At the same time, 3C electronic products lacked safety certification, CE certification, intellectual property issues, etc. The sellers involved in the issue were not in the minority, and they said frankly: “The industry is highly competitive and the high promotion cost is a major ailment in this category. For this reason, even if you risk being fined, you have to fight to the death.”

   As the peak season approaches, in addition to mobile phone and computer chargers that require UL certification, the following products must be particularly vigilant:

  1, battery;

  2, mobile power supply;

   3. Information technology products;

  4. Audio and video products;

  5, lamps;

   6. Household appliances;

   7. Power tools.

It is worth noting that the information that Amazon needs to review includes company name, seller/supplier code, email address, phone number, list of ASINs to apply for sales, documents issued by a laboratory accredited by ILAC ISO 17025 standard, confirmation The product has been tested, etc.

Li Qiangru, marketing manager of Shenzhen Avatar Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. believes that the 3C industry usually relies on the low cost advantages of Chinese suppliers’ products in the beginning of cross-border e-commerce platforms, but long-term competition must have comprehensive advantages in all aspects. .

"On the one hand, 3C category export sellers should learn to gain timely insight into overseas market trends. Understand the trend and development of overseas fashion trends, and grasp the needs of overseas target users. Some 3C industry categories are popular products, and some are seasonal products, such as seasonal products. They should be put on demand, and they should have the sensitivity to accurately judge products that are about to be sold or left out, and promptly launch new products or launch special events to promote sales; on the other hand, improve brand awareness and strengthen product certifications to avoid worries.

With the gradual increase in awareness of domestic manufacturers, the support of national policies, and the popularization of advanced technology, China’s 3C products should shift from the sole pursuit of artificial additional profits to gradually focus on the improvement of brand awareness. Once technology and intellectual property rights are available With the corresponding protection of patents, Chinese brands will move faster to the global market. "

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