Ultimate trans-loading process to USA for cost saving in duty & tax

- Nov 15, 2019-

As the trade war between China and USA, it seems difficult to export goods to USA.

But transit to the USA in Malaysia, this type of transportation can save a lot of Duty & VAT, Now we can handle furniture, tiles, suitcases and other goods from China to USA by transit in Malaysia.


We can make the certificate of origin, this CO is made by the Malay chamber, Malay chamber belongs to a large organization, and its credibility is also high. It is not easy to get that.


The services we can do are as follows:


(Include stuffing / un-stuffing / port trucking / clearance for both import and export)

Import THC / Washing / DO

Export: Export THC /  BL / CO

AMS Filling



Import storage

Export storage

Export staging


From Monday to Sunday.


Any shipment to USA pls feel free to contact us, we can find a good shipping channel.

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