The Monthly Throughput Of Yantian Port Exceeds 1.46 Million TEUs, Setting A New Record

- Oct 16, 2020-


In September 2020, the monthly throughput of Yantian Port in Shenzhen exceeded 1.46 million TEUs, setting a new global single-terminal monthly throughput record again. This was another breakthrough after the monthly throughput set a record in August.

  Under the current complicated international trade situation, why can Yantian Port grow against the trend? The relevant person in charge of Dapeng Customs affiliated to Shenzhen Customs introduced in an interview with reporters on October 13 that, thanks to the effectiveness of domestic epidemic prevention and control, the "six stability" and "six guarantees" measures, Shenzhen enterprises have resumed work and production steadily, entering July In the traditional export peak season in October, export companies have a strong willingness to ship goods, and a good environment has laid a solid foundation for the increase in exports.

At the same time, Yantian Port mainly serves European and American routes. In the context of the spread of the global epidemic, recent retail giants such as Wal-Mart and Amazon have actively stocked basic living supplies and personal protective items in response to the upcoming Christmas sales season. Few foreign trade companies aim at this export market and continue to expand their exports.

   "Fast and convenient customs clearance, meticulous service, stable new routes and many other factors make shipping companies choose Yantian Port." Shenzhen Junli and other shipping agency companies said.

"The convenient customs clearance environment has effectively reduced the costs of related entities including shipping companies, cargo owners, etc., and superimposed on the good shipping environment of Yantian Port can enhance the viscosity of shipping companies calling at Yantian Port. The world's first LNG-powered 23000-TEU container giant ship first Sailing to Yantian Port is a good proof." said Lin Jianchun, manager of Yantian International.

   Yantian Port is one of the busiest container ports in the world and a hub port for international container ocean trunk transportation in South China. Safe and fast customs clearance is always the focus.

   For this reason, Dapeng Customs implements a 24-hour "first time" boarding and quarantine, and the "three shifts" operation ensures that ships are on the go for quarantine, avoiding ships calling at the port staying in the port due to quarantine operations, and achieving "zero waiting" for quarantine.

In Yantian Port, Dapeng Customs innovatively implements the customs clearance model of "advance declaration + shipside direct delivery" for imported goods and "advance declaration + arrival direct shipment" for export goods. Importers who have been declared and do not need to be inspected can directly pick up the goods at the terminal. The export cargo owner can directly transport the goods to the dock for export. The simplification of the process greatly saves the costs caused by the tight berths during the peak period and the high technical requirements of cold chain transportation.

Dapeng Customs optimized the "whole ship reloading" supervision model, replaced the one-ship, one-discussion approval system with a one-time qualification declaration system for shipping companies, implemented the whole ship reloading information system, realized the entire process of paperless operations, and supported the upgrading of Yantian Port Comprehensive service capabilities for international shipping.

   At the same time, the collaboration and linkage business development is accelerated again. Dapeng Customs cooperated with Shekou Customs to implement the "Integration of East and West Port Areas" to open up the logistics channel between the Qianhai Bay Free Trade Zone in the west and the Yantian Port in the east, promote the intensification of Shenzhen port resources, and achieve a win-win cooperation between the east and west ports, with a total value of 19.48 million US dollars The goods are distributed to Qianhai warehouse from Yantian Port "first enter the zone and then declare";

Cooperate with Huizhou Port Customs to deepen the expansion of the "Huiyan Combined Port" and realize the expansion of pilot companies from 1 to 17, and as of September, a total of 5,894 containers of the pilot companies' container cargoes have been successfully cleared; cooperating with Meisha Customs to accelerate the implementation of "MCC Yantian" , To realize the "two-way blooming" of the transfer and consolidation in the Yantian Comprehensive Bonded Zone and the Yantian Port Area.

Departure Port---Destination Port Shipping Company Schedule Voyage 20GP 40GP 40HQ Release time

Shenzhen→Rotterdam sea freight PIL Tuesday 24 days 750 1400 1450 2020-10-05

Shenzhen→Izmir sea freight YML Tuesday 11days 295 495 545 2020-10-05

Shenzhen → Akahurat sea freight MSK Saturday, 49 days 2835 3426 3426 2020-10-05

Shenzhen→Ocean freight MSC 1 25 days 900 1750 1750 2020-10-05

Shenzhen→Koper ocean freight, by phone Mon/Tue/Wed/Thursday/Friday/ By phone at 450 700 800 2020-10-05

Shenzhen→Road Town ocean freight, by phone Mon/Tue/Wed/Thursday/Friday/by call DAYS 650 1200 1250 2020-10-01

Shenzhen→Tema ocean freight, by phone Mon/Tue/Wed/Thursday/Friday, by phone 2100 2700 2800 2020-10-01

Shenzhen→Ho Chi Minh sea freight MCC Wed 30 days 55 125 125 2020-10-01

Shenzhen→Riyadh sea freight UASC day 19DAYS 600 900 900 2020-09-30

Shenzhen→Merseyed sea freight MSK Monday 11DAYS 600 800 800 2020-09-30

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