The China-Russia Freight Volume Via Kazakhstan Will Increase To 30 Million Per Year

- Apr 12, 2016-

2016-04-12 source :Sino Russian information network
Interfax news Siberia ,currently The president of Siberia road transportation commission indicate that
By 2020  China-Russia freight transportation via Kazakhstan will increase to 30 millions tons per year
 in the trading Development prospect round table meeting held by China and Siberia federal state .among which the road transportation volume is 3 million per year .Nowadays
China-Russia freight volume via Kazakhstan is about 10 million per year .several years ago  transit Kazakhstan the road transportation from  Russia to China  is in forbidden status ,but now it gradually rise up ,the export volume between two countries are nearly in same level
 When the transportation to Russia from China in the lash condition .as expert’s forecast  when Russia in a tense relation with Western ,Ukraine and Turkey , The freight loading between China and Russia will increase a little . But in the first season of 2016 ,this data is  in the same level as last year .the greatest advantage of freight transportation from Siberia federal district to China are the short distance and lower customs duty

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