Special Discount For Ports In Southeast Asian Countries

- Apr 01, 2020-

DCB 1J3K (KTX3) 

JAKARTA  USD231/312 (6 days,14 DET)

SINGAPORE USD101/162 (3 days,10 DET)


(Cat Lai)Ho Chi Minh USD155/260(3 days,10 DEM+14 DET)

international ocean shipping

SK 6J7K (CJL4)

Laem Chabang  USD85/170(6 days,10 DEM+14 DET)

Lat Krabang/(SCT)Bangkok USD175/310(8 days,10 DEM+14 DET)

SK  The vessel was closed on April 7 and set sail for the first time on April 8 (KTX2)

Laem Chabang  USD85/170(4 days,10 DEM+14 DET)

(SCT)Bangkok USD175/310(5 days,10 DEM+14 DET)

NANSHA 5J6K TO Port Kelang(W)  USD275/40HQ

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