SDI Logistics Co.,limited

- Feb 24, 2016-

Sea Freight-We provide professional tailor made services in sea freight/ocean freight as we have offices and agents all over the world.

Air Freight-Speedy and timely delivery are our “target angle”.

Logistics-Warehousing, pick-up/delivery, customs clearance, sorting/repacking/relabeling with all kinds of logistics needs.

SDI Logistics has been developing the China market over many years. A full range of service is being offered from Shenzhen with a worldwide network of professional agents. We operate services to and from major ports and continents.

Latest special notice

1. LAX airport cargo service,no need wait for space, time guarantee!

     MEX airport cargo service: Monday, Saturday, Hong Kong fixed direct flight, guaranteed space, ultra-low specials, all goods weight we can accept! ! !

2. A large number of pure batteries, power bank car products, batteries goods , shampoo and other care products, nail polish, ink, ink, toner cartridges, ink cartridges, toner, health products, essential oils, cosmetics, chemicals, and other dangerous goods Goods. Regularly shipped according to the actual goods name.


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