Ningbo Haiyun: Main Crazy Position Have Been Identified, Or Will Be So In The Near Future!

- Feb 24, 2016-

Shipping company limited Ningbo by Ningbo maritime group limited as the main body, joint fuel electric company in Zhejiang Province in April 1997, five promoters alterations to establish joint-stock shipping company, operates mainly in the coastal and Changjiang freight, international ocean transportation facilities and traffic infrastructure, ancillary services investment business.

Years company by by Ningbo deepwater harbor of geographical advantage, based shipping main, situation, caught opportunities, active pursues "integrity service, and sound business, and specification operation, and continued development" of business purposes, promote "solidarity, and pragmatic, and develop, and innovation" of enterprise fine steadily implementation "based shipping, multiple development" of enterprise development strategy, is committed to capacity scale development and business structure adjustment, makes company scale quickly development, and benefits stability in the has rose, has formed to electric coal transport mainly of professional bulk goods transport business pattern, Operating nationwide coastal and Changjiang River Valley, tracks in more than 30 countries around the world more than more than 60 ports.

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