Market Stocks Rebound Of 50% Stagnation Seaborne Airlines Or Fill Up Needs

- Feb 24, 2016-

Future judge: recently market oversold rebound, many a unit gains has super 50%, but early more active of traffic transport aspects as aviation, and shipping, industry concept Unit recently is in delay rose State, late or has fill rose needs, in the sea shipping, and long airlines Phoenix (000520), and Ningbo Hong Kong (601018), and Chongqing Hong Kong nine (600279), and China Ocean (601919), and Nanjing Hong Kong, and South Aviation (600029), and East Aviation (600115), worth investors concern. From current market volume price, many see, short-term or to shocks mainly, this species market Xia, holding not moving not if do a unit of high throwing low sucking, or will get unexpected of returns, to concept unit in the sea shipping for cases, high sold, low points again buy back, days can more profit 2.22%, earthquake site again big some, returns on is considerable has.

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