Illegal Delivery Of Weapons! The EU Announced Sanctions On Three Shipping Companies!

- Sep 04, 2020-


On September 21, local time, the European Union announced on September 21 that it would impose sanctions on three companies that violated the UN arms embargo on Libya.

   The three shipping companies included in the sanctions list are: Turkish shipping company Avrasya shipping, Kazakhstan air cargo company Sigma Airlines, and Jordanian shipping company Med Wave shipping.

   At a regular meeting in Brussels, the EU Foreign Minister signed the relevant sanctions. These measures include freezing all EU assets held by the aforementioned companies, cutting off their links with EU financial markets, and prohibiting them from conducting business with anyone in the EU.

  According to the European Union, a ship named Cirkin operated by Avrasya Shipping violated the arms embargo, especially in connection with the delivery of military supplies to Libya in May and June 2020.

  According to the resolution, the EU will freeze all the assets of the aforementioned companies in the EU, cut off their ties with the EU financial market, and prohibit them from conducting business with any EU member states.

   After the sanctions were announced, Turkey immediately criticized the EU's decision. It denied the claim of transporting weapons and said that it is worthless to include Turkish shipping companies on the sanctions list. The Cirkin ship is delivering humanitarian supplies.

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