How About The Brazil Air Freight Line?

- Jan 14, 2021-


Brazil air freight line is one of the logistics channels of Brazil international special line, which provides cross-border logistics services for cross-border electrical suppliers, foreign traders and export enterprises delivering goods to Brazil. What's the timeliness of Brazil's air freight line? How do you charge? How to solve the problem of customs clearance? What is the specific service content?

I believe that all of you are very concerned about these questions. This paper aims to answer the questions one by one, which will help us to further understand the routes of Brazil's special air lines.

Frequently asked questions of Brazil air transport line

1. What is the logistics timeliness of delivery in Brazil?

Brazil's air transport special line uses direct air transport flights, which can provide faster logistics efficiency. The first flight is from Hong Kong to Europe. After arriving in Europe, it is transferred to Brazil. After customs clearance in Brazil, it is delivered to Brazil post for terminal delivery. Due to the short transit time of the whole first journey, the whole transit time is relatively fast, and the overall signing time is 15-20 days.

2. How to charge for Brazil's air freight line?

Brazil's air freight dedicated line has no initial weight or additional weight, and its weight is limited to 30kg. It is one of the channels with obvious price advantages in Brazil's road logistics channels. Affected by the epidemic, Brazil's air transport prices continue to soar, at a high level, the price is more expensive. Mail 0.5kg goods to Brazil, the freight is about 70 yuan.

Specific freight information, you can inform the official online customer service of the goods information, you can understand the specific freight situation.

3. How to solve the problem of customs clearance?

Brazil air freight line provides DDP prepaid tariff service, and can provide a separate VAT number to assist the shipper to complete the customs clearance of goods, which is convenient for compliance customs clearance. In addition, it should be noted that Brazil's tariff threshold is relatively high, which is about 60% of the value of goods + freight. If the recipient needs to pay, remember to remind the recipient in advance to prevent the recipient from canceling the transaction due to high tariffs.

4. What documents should be prepared for customs declaration?

Shipment requires packing list, brand, material, purpose, commodity code, value and size of goods. If it's some compulsory authentication documents, you need to do the corresponding authentication. Products requiring compulsory certification include: all household appliances, lamps, electronic accessories, auto parts, power tools, auto parts, bicycle parts, power tools, etc.

5. What items can be issued? What items cannot be issued?

What items can be delivered and what can't be delivered through this channel? Brazil's airlift line can deliver general goods and built-in battery items, such as mobile phones, remote controls, sweeping robots, Bluetooth headsets, smart speakers, etc., to Brazil. Other supporting batteries, pure batteries, liquid goods and pure battery goods are prohibited from transportation.

In addition, it is forbidden to have any commodity price tag, eBay and other online store address, any form of invoice in the express. Otherwise, the tax will be paid by the sender according to the price tag or the store price.

6. How to compensate for lost parts?

Brazil's air transport special line has a perfect compensation standard. If a piece is lost before going online, it will compensate the customer according to the maximum declared value of no more than $100. If a piece is lost after going online, it can also compensate the customer according to the maximum declared value of no more than $100.

The above is all the introduction of "frequently asked questions of Brazil's air transport line". If you have any questions about other aspects of Brazil's air freight line logistics, please directly consult the official website online customer service.

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