Giant Container Crane Arrives At Port Evergrass, Florida

- Nov 20, 2020-


The Port of Evergrass has received 3 super post-Panamax container gantry cranes, which is the largest of its kind on November 17, and they can choose to purchase 3 more of the same cranes.

   A new type of crane designed and manufactured by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. The port is part of a $3 billion "Captain/Vision" 20-year renewal plan, which will add new cargo berths, expand cruise and energy capabilities, and improve waterways to handle larger ships.

   Jonathan Daniels, CEO and Port Supervisor of Port Everglades, said: “The most advanced cranes are essential for our customers to grow their businesses in Broward County so they can compete in the global market.”

  He added: "The advantage of this crane is that its extended range enables customers to work on larger ships, thereby obtaining economies of scale, thereby making Port Evergrass more competitive."

   These three 53-meter-high super post-Panamax container gantry cranes, each valued at $13.8 million, are capable of handling 8 tall containers from the deck of a ship and 22 containers on the entire deck.

Crane Specifications:

Reach & Lift: 22 Containers Wide, 8 Containers High on Deck

Backreach: 35 Feet/10.6 Meters with Boom Fully Extended

Capacity: 65 LT/66 MT (Long Tons = 2,240 pounds)

Operational Date: January 2021

   There are 7 gantry cranes in Southport, Florida, and most of the container freight operations are carried out in Southport. These gantry cranes are only 46 meters high, can only stack 6 meters high containers, and can span 16 containers.

   In addition to the purchase of new cranes, after Southport’s existing 7 low profile Panamax gantry cranes will be upgraded from the current 46.5 tons to 65 tons, this will increase the double-lift capacity (lifting two containers at a time).

   According to a statement, all cranes are equipped with lighting equipment to reduce the impact on nesting turtles by using lower light intensity and limiting the amount of light on the ground.

These new cranes are part of the largest expansion project in the port’s history, which includes extending the turning groove of the South Port from 274 meters to 7,315 meters to accommodate up to 5 cargo berths, which will increase the port’s throughput by approximately 730,000 TEUs.

   Port Evergrass also announced that it is working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to deepen the port’s channel from 13 meters to 14.5-155 meters and widen the narrower portion of the channel to allow ships to pass safely.

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