Focus On Integrated Transport Of Bulk Cargo Shipping Companies

- Feb 24, 2016-

"Along the way" and related policies have been implemented in China coastal dry bulk shipping market demand will continue to grow; sea development of Fujian province, which has been described as "core area of 21st century Silk Road on the sea", its shipping market is expected to be sustained, robust development momentum. Stability of the company by virtue of the quality of shipping assets, customers and supply, outstanding profitability, market share is growing. The future, the company will lease or holding a strong shipping industry and other low-cost model, take the form of acquisitions or equity participation upstream bigger left-wing fuel oil trading business, through the promotion of the shipping industry and the depth of the e-commerce integration, doing fine right-wing shipping and freight forwarding business, service provider platform, then formed the main wings of the industrial ecosystem.

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