Ecuador ICTSI Will Upgrade The Infrastructure Of Guayaquil Port

- Oct 15, 2020-


Contecon Guayaquil (CGSA), a subsidiary of International Container Terminal Services (ICTSI), signed an investment contract with the Ecuadorian government to further develop the port of Guayaquil, including lifting cranes, strengthening the terminal and deepening the terminal’s ventilation .

   As part of a three-phase project, the operator will invest US$18 million to improve the port’s ability to handle new giant ships.

   The first stage will increase the height of the two quay cranes from 42-52 meters to the highest, and the boom length from 50-56 meters to 20 rows.

   The second stage is to reinforce the wharf, while the third stage will further deepen the draft of Pier 1 to 13.5 meters.

   CGSA General Manager Jose Antonio Contreras said: "This is a decisive addition to our common commitment. We have reached the great goal of pursuing the development of this industry."

   The terminal began to provide services for new Panamax cargo ships in 2019. After dredging the 95-kilometer passage to the Guayaquil port, it became the country's first port capable of handling such container ships.

   In addition to the contract, CGSA also plans to increase the total investment to 30 million U.S. dollars as part of its commitment to promote and promote Ecuador’s foreign trade.

   Two years ago, the operator took the lead in creating the Guayaquil Port logistics community, providing a platform for supply chain stakeholders to strengthen cooperation.

   It also launched the first transportation insurance project for Ecuador’s banana trade in 2019 to protect growers and the industry. Bananas are the country’s main export product except oil.

   In December last year, the Portuguese Civil Affairs Bureau of Guayaquil (Autoridad de Guayaquil) extended the concession period of CGSA to 2047 and started operations in 2007.

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