Document Requirements For Export To Chile

- Nov 30, 2020-


95% of Chile's foreign trade relies on shipping. There are 39 coastal ports in the country, the main ports are: Valparaiso, Talcahuano, Antofagasta, San Antonio and Punta Arenas. In 2012, the total cargo throughput of domestic and foreign vessels reached 102 million tons.

  Goods exported to Chile:

  The customs does not accept telex operation;

   If SEAWAY needs to be issued, the release offce code must be changed to AHJ;

  In the case of a registered bill of lading, the consignee must be a local company in Chile, and the document must show the consignee’s tax number (RUT Number);

   In the case of issuing an instruction bill of lading, the notifying party cannot be a customs broker, and the notifying party's tax number (RUT Number) must be displayed in the document;

   "care of", "on behalf of" and "as agent of" cannot appear in the consignee information of the document, otherwise the customer will not be able to complete the customs clearance procedures;

For goods transshipped to a third country via a Chilean port, the transshipment clause "THE CARRIER'S LIABILITY IS END AT AAA, THE SHIPPER DECLARES THAT THE CARRIAGE FROM AAA TO BBB IS UNDER THE MERCHANT'S ARRANGEMENT, ACCOUNT AND RISKS." must be entered in the description of the bill of lading. ("AAA" means the Place of Delivery stated in B/L, "BBB" means the Shipper declared final destination).

Relevant freight rates Shenzhen Guangzhou Pearl River Delta Hong Kong Shanghai Ningbo Xiamen Qingdao Tianjin Dalian

Port of departure Port of destination Shipping company 20GP 40GP 40HC Validity Details

Yantian, Shenzhen Iquique ONE 4300 5050 5150 2020-11-24-2020-11-30 Details

Shekou, Shenzhen Lierkui ONE 4350 4950 5050 2020-11-24-2020-11-30 Details

Yantian, Shenzhen Valparaiso ONE 4400 4950 5050 2020-11-24-2020-11-30 Details

Shekou, Shenzhen San Antonio ONE 4400 4950 5050 2020-11-24-2020-11-30 Details

Yantian, Shenzhen San Antonio EMC 4550 5200 5200 2020-11-23-2020-11-29 Details

Yantian, Shenzhen Antofagasta ONE 4600 5350 5450 2020-11-24-2020-11-30 Details

Yantian, Shenzhen Iquique EMC 4650 5700 5700 2020-11-23-2020-11-29 Details

Shekou, Shenzhen Angamos ONE 4650 5400 5500 2020-11-24-2020-11-30 Details

Shekou, Shenzhen Iquique EMC 4650 5700 5700 2020-11-23-2020-11-29 Details

Yantian, Shenzhen Angamos HPL 4750 5050 5150 2020-11-23-2020-11-30 Details

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