Amazon China Was United States Marine Licence

- Feb 24, 2016-

According to the United States today United States reported Amazon China company has access to the United States carriage of goods by sea-going licence. Industry sources said, Amazon may directly purchase products in China in the future, he shipped back to the United States, which greatly reduced the cost of goods. It also means Amazon reached $ 350 billion worth of global maritime transport markets.

It was reported that Amazon now Chinese companies to the United States Federal Maritime Commission has been applied for and successfully obtained a licence, as a marine cargo transportation company, which means that Amazon can provide shipping services for their own or any other company. However, Amazon to provide Ocean transportation services also need access to a number of regulatory approvals, these United States license is only the first step. United States media noted that from this initiative shows that Amazon is build include trucks, planes, ships, and a complete logistics system.

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