Air China Releases Innovative Products At The Exhibition

- Nov 22, 2020-


Foreign media reported that due to China's strict control of the epidemic, consumer confidence in the world's second largest economy has almost returned to the level before the COVID-19 outbreak, and domestic airlines have performed exceptionally well.

   In October this year, airlines nationwide carried 50 million passengers, accounting for 88% of last year's passenger traffic. According to Shine data from Shanghai Daily, Air China, like its competitors, has seen a surge in domestic demand. It currently operates 1,287 flights per day, a year-on-year increase of 22.5%.

   At the booth of Travel Mart, this Star Alliance member company showed some of the latest cabin cleaning procedures and on-board menus. Following a campaign launched this year, Air China’s new lunch box encourages passengers to clean up their dishes to reduce food waste.

   The airline also launched a series of promotional activities to focus on domestic travel.

   Air China’s "Double City Pass" (Double City Pass) provides discounts for frequent travelers traveling between two designated cities. For example, according to its Chinese website, a Guangzhou-Beijing pass priced at 399 yuan (60 U.S. dollars) can give tourists 10 vouchers worth 150 yuan (22 U.S. dollars).

   In addition, the company has also introduced discounts for young people aged 18-25, as well as a "Curious Calendar" that allows booking flights with mysterious tickets.

   However, Air China’s international business still presents a different situation. The airline stated that it still abides by China’s “May Day” policy, which is to fly to foreign countries only once a week to control the spread of Covid-19.

   China’s entry of non-Chinese nationals is still strictly restricted or closed.

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