SDI Multiple Services For You To Choose

SDI Multiple Services For You To Choose

SDI Logistics Co.,Ltd multiple services for you to choose

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1. Consolidation and packing

Collect your cargo from different suppliers and send them together with competitive rate, and we also help to pack the cargo as to the client's requirement.

2.Pick up and in-land logistics

Pick up your goods from the supplier's factory or warehouse and store them in our own warehouse prepared for shipping, or to airport BGS warehouse to export by truck, in-land logistics.

Sea Freight (2)

3.Customs clearance

Clear customs for your goods and prepare all the necessary documents in both China ports and destination ports as to our client's requirements.

4.Competitive rate with best service and professional team

We have very good rates for air shipping from SV, LH,CA,CZ,KA,FD,QR,SU,SQ,KL,AF,HU for our regular large number of shipments with best service and professional team.



We can put your goods in our warehouse as your requirements. third part logistics service with various logistics solutions to suggest 

According to your cargo information and air lines schedule, we can offer several solutions to you to choose. And the best solution will suggest under your requirement.

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