DG Goods Transportation

DG Goods Transportation

Dangerous Goods Transportation - SDI LOGISTICS CO.,LTD in China.

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SDI contracted aviation: EK, TK, EY, ET, SQ, AF, BA, CA, CX, CZ, HX, SA, SV, SU, OZ, PO, CA and other 

international airlines; the company also opened the flight LHR fixed Bit line, fly to LOS line, fly LAD fixed

line, fly IST line. Not only guarantees the position, but also the supervision of the goods in the cargo 

loading process, which can prevent the loss of goods and damage caused by human.


Liquids: paints, coatings, inks, mercury resins, oleic acid, hand spray paints, photographic adhesives, 

sensitizers, glues, silicone anaerobic adhesives, essences, essential oils, epoxidized soybean oil, aluminum 

paste, thermal fluid, antifreeze, lubrication Oil, foliar fertilizer, candy coloring solution, food additives, 

dansone undecylenate, tal oil and other non-explosive liquids.

Powders: methyl pyridinium, aluminum powder, carbon powder, luminous powder, pearl powder, glitter 

powder, sodium thiocyanate carbon, calcium acid, copper hydroxide powder, boric acid stearate, calcium 

acid, PVC stabilizer, 3 - ketal-p-terphenylene, tetraphenyl tibolone, ketoxime, tin tetrachloride, 

methoxyhydrogen, nicardine, carbopol, hormones and other non-explosive powders.

Others: batteries, pesticides, medicines, APIs, health products, e-cigarettes, tea, toner cartridges, ink 

cartridges, cosmetics, nail polish, etc.


SDI has established cooperative agency business with global express delivery companies FEDEX, DHL, UPS,

TNT, EMS and so on. Provide safe and efficient courier service experience for the export of goods from 

various trading companies.


SDI is based on honesty, and wants customers to think and urgency. We will provide our customers with a 

full service experience on time, fast, convenient, safe, professional, dedicated, sincere and careful!

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