Cooperation Process With SDI

Cooperation Process With SDI

Cooperation process with SDI Logistics Co.,Ltd

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Step 1 contact your supplier to arrange shipment booking and pick up goods

Step 2 Warehousing

1. We have our own warehouse, your cargo can be stored in our warehouse.

2. Promise your cargo’s safety, 24 hours of protection by our agents.

3. We have staffs at the port ready to pickup and delivery your cargos.


Step 3 loading and trucking

Goods will be loaded into container and send back to the yard

Step 4 Custom Clearance Processes inside China

1. We provide the best customs declaration services by our Class 5A department.

2. We can offer you excellent service with reasonable price.


Step 5 International Transport

1.  Good shipping routes worlwide 

2. Good relationships with major sealines and airlines, best freight rates guaranteed

3. Long term contracts with major shipping owners , be able to offer you the initial booking right.

Step 6 Custom Clearances Overseas and Delivery

1. Professional agency teams overseas. 

2. Long term business relationships overseas provide us with quality business agencies in major cities.

3. Over ten years of experience in import services enable us to assist you with overseas custom declaration, and minimize the risk and problems of delivery to your destination .

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