DHL, UPS, FedEx Express Agent In China To Kenya USA

DHL, UPS, FedEx Express Agent In China To Kenya USA

Business Range: International Express Type: DHL/UPS/FedEx/TNT/EMS Item Model: Discounted Express Courier From China to Kenya USA Service Type: Door to Door

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International Express [Fast Timeliness, High Security, Door to Door Service]

Shipping method, billing weight, basic freight, fuel cost, aging (working days), tracking whether the total cost is charged, remarks order

Shenzhen Federal Small Goods Price

SZFEDEX-IP1.000144.9313.772-4 is 158.70

Middle East DHL small goods F price

SA-DHL-F1.000223.360.006-9 is 223.36

Hong Kong DHL agency price

HKDHL1.000234.1428.103-5 is 262.24

Hong Kong DHL sensitive price

HKDHL-BA1.000234.2628.113-5 is 262.37

Shenzhen EMS

Whether SZ-EMS1.000332.200.004-12 is 332.20

DHL general goods prices in mainland China

CNDHL1.000386.7746.413-5 Whether 433.18

Mainland DHL live price

CNDHL-BA1.000407.0448.852-4 is 455.89

Hong Kong Federal IP Promotion Price

HKFEDEX IP-C1.000582.3655.324-6 is 637.68

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