The Latest Customs Clearance Reform In Guangzhou

The Latest Customs Clearance Reform In Guangzhou

The latest customs clearance reform in Guangzhou

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The reform of the customs declaration on August 1 is currently providing more information for enterprises:

1. The packaging of specific materials, that is, the specific materials for packaging, such as: paper, plastic, wooden

2. Business unit 18-digit unified credit code

3. For the actual domestic source of each specific product name, refer to the new customs declaration form, and the corresponding source of supply can be entered after each product name.

4. Correspondence between container and cargo. In the case of multiple containers + multiple product names, the corresponding goods in each container are provided in the standard unit of the container. Simply provide which items are loaded in each container, without providing a detailed list. For example, container A, B, the name of the declaration 1 2 3, is provided as follows: A-1, 2 B-1, 2, 3.

Warm reminder: the old and new systems switch, the instability factor increases, please declare early, so as not to delay the shipping schedule due to system failure. The workload and unpredictable factors have increased dramatically in the past month. Please prepare well and reserve more time to declare.


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