Appointedforwarding Carrier - SDI Log

Appointedforwarding Carrier - SDI Log

your appointedforwarding carrier - SDI LOGISTICS CO.,LTD can handle your shipment from all part of China to worldwide

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appointedforwarding carrier

SDI LOGISTICS Company has established nice relationship with shipping lines from all over the world such as Maersk, MSC, OOCL, CSCL, HPL, WHL, TSL, EMC, APL, KLINE, PIL, YML and COSCO, we can handle your all of FOB shipment from China to worldwide, and booking space to shipping company use your contract no. 


SDI Logistics company has established completed and your good agent network with enables us to provide comprehensive ,exact and timely import and export of Door to door service ,air port to air port service , inland delivery service ,pick up service and collection service from difference supplier and make one shipment and consoldated by one shipment


main marketting : Dubai, Jeddah, Riyade , Dammam , Tunis, Sfax, Soussie, Red sea, Russia , West europe, 

CIS country , India , West Africa and East Africa , Australia , South America  and North America

SDILOGISTICS provides import/export shipping service
Air shipping service to worldwide airports
Door-to-door express service from whole China
One step logistics service, includes shipping/collecting (picking up)/consolidation/warehouse storage (loading and unloading)/custom clearance and insurance
provides import/export shipping services to increase economic benefit
Door-to-door service from the whole China
One-step logistics service, including shipping/collecting (picking up)/consolidation/warehouse storage (loading and unloading)/customs clearance and insurance


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