Air Freight From Guangdong - SDI

Air Freight From Guangdong - SDI

Air freight from Guangdong - SDI LOGISTICS CO.,LTD in China.

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Hong Kong CV-LHR will be replaced by LUX trucks in one district.

The timeliness will be upgraded in several grades.

2-3 days service will be able to accept any type of cargo, super long, overweight, large card board, large goods, and the price is competitive .

Goods from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the price please refer to:

+100KG RMB19.5/KG

+300KG RMB18.5/KG

+500KG RMB18/KG

+1000 RMB17.5/KG

Shanghai CA direct MUC weekend special receipt

1:200 12/KG 1:300 11.5

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