Express (DHL UPS EMS) Logistics Service From China

Express (DHL UPS EMS) Logistics Service From China

Express (DHL UPS EMS) Logistics Service From China Our Qualification Certificate Express (DHL UPS EMS) Logistics Service From China Our Main Service of air shipment/Air Freight cargo Express (DHL UPS EMS) Logistics Service From China Our Value added Logistics service for air shipment Express...

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Express (DHL UPS EMS) Logistics Service From China

Our Qualification Certificate


1)From 2004,we have more than 10 years handling experience in international Transportation
2)Licensed Class A freight forwarder by China Government
3)Perfect Agency network help Supply DDU service in the world
4)Quick Feedback on Shipment of online&offline service
5)Flexible payment methods:T.T,WESTUNION,PAYPAL,MONEY GRAM....

 Express (DHL UPS EMS) Logistics Service From China

Our Main Service of air shipment/Air Freight cargo

1)Picking up goods from Suppliers(If needed)
2)Warehouse/Storage service(if needed)
3)Consolidating different orders as one shipment in warehouse(if needed)
4)Export Clearing Declaration
5)Arrange flight and shipping space with airline
6)Import Clearing service via our agent(if needed)
7)Delivery to door service via our agent(if needed)

Express (DHL UPS EMS) Logistics Service From China

Our Value added Logistics service for air shipment 

1)Verifying Suppliers Authentication
2)Forwarding payments to Suppliers
3)Picking up goods from Suppliers
4)Goods Examination
5)Buying Insurance
6)Export Clearing(Buying export License,Preparing necessary export Declaration Docs like CIQ certificate,CO...,)
7)Delivery to door service(Including import Clearing at destination,exact shipment details will be needed) 

Express (DHL UPS EMS) Logistics Service From China

What we need figure out the exact air freight cost

Product names(Items)
Volume(Package sizes)
Origin Airport(Origin City)
Destination Airport(Destination City)
Trading term with Supplier(FOB or Exwork)

If Delivery to door service is needed,we will need more info.

Goods Value(Commercial invoice and Packing list will be needed)
Final delivery address with postcode

  xpress (DHL UPS EMS) Logistics Service From China

Our procedure of handling your air Shipment

1)Quoting air freight
2)Contact Supplier to confirm Shipment details(Delivery time,Volume,Weight,Deal term...)
3)Book flight and shipping space,collect goods to airport warehouse,
4)Send offical freight invoice to collect freight
5)Export Clearing with China customs and Send AWB no
6)Send shipment by air to Destination airport
7)Import Clearing by Agent(If needed)
8)Delivery to door by agent(If needed)


1)Why Air Freight must be prepared?
Master AWB will be attached to Shipment,as long as the Shipment leaves by air,we can't
control it to Collect the freight any more 
2)Can Copy brand items be accepted?
To make the export clearing and import clearing with Customs,we don't advise buying
Copy brand items
3)How to Track the air shipment?
You can use the AWB no to track it in the airline's web easily,or Contact us to learn the 
status at any time
4)Why package sizes are also requested some times?
The plane door is not big,we have to know the package sizes to see if it can pass through
the plane door.
5)If I have battery/Liquid/Powder/Chemical items to be sent,is it will be ok?
About hazardous items and chemical items,we need to see the MSDS paper first to check if it
can be accepted by airlines,If there is related SRICI/DGM report,it will be more helpful.

If more question,pls feel free to contact us

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